- Organize and conduct design research leading to better products
- Analyze data using quantitative methods and statistical analysis
- We always use best practices for achieving high quality product designs within development teams
- Drive the creation and adoption of new research methods and tools
- Work collaboratively to achieve high quality customer experiences



We are able to help you to define your brand its values and showcase for what it stand for.

DDesign will provide you with research on your brand and how can it be improved in the direction you want.

We can help you with definition of your brand DNA or future brand DNA as well as help you create new product or redesign your current products so that all is well perceived by your customers and they can easily connect those products with your brand.



We are specialist in idea generation and product innovation agency. We work world-wide with leading companies to develop business-building insights, ideas, claims and new product concepts.


After research and concept stage in the design process we are able to take your new product to the new step and develop your idea into a highly professional and ready for manufacturing 3D model or prototype.

We can also guide you and your company after the concept generation and development phase. We always keep up to date with manufacturing methods, new materials and innovative technology which enable us to create new concepts.

Our wide network and experience can help you to decide on with manufacturing method would be the best and most affordable.



We can help you with many areas of marketing. From creation of your brand visual appearance, website to  professional CGI images and animation  of your current or future product.

These days marketing have a big impact on customers and good marketing can also improve perception of  your products and company itself.



DabrowskiDesign is able to provide prototypes which is a huge advantage during the design process as you as a customer are able to see the concepts  in real life.

This help in the decision making stage and gives a possibility to get a better knowledge of customers needs and ergonomic factors which have to be included in a new product.